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Rock Fort Temple :The famous Rock Fort temple complex is situated in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu and is one of the major monuments in South India . The Rock Fort temple is a collection of three temples which includes the Manikka Vinayaka temple at the foot of the hill, the Uchhi Pillayar Koyil at the top of the hill and the Taayumaanava Koyil at the middle of the hill. Taayumaanava Koyil is a rock cut temple and can be reached by a flight of steps on the way to the famous Ucchi Pillaya temple. This shrine houses Kangaala Moorthy, which is believed to be one of the 64 manifestations of Shiva. The approach to the Rock Fort temple is through a flight of covered stairs. Non - Hindus are not allowed into the sanctum sanctorum of this famous temple. This ancient monument in Tamil Nadu is open daily from 6 am to 8 pm and Shoes have to be left at the entrance. These temple complex is considered to the one of the major monuments in Tamil Nadu. This temple was built by the Pallavasas a small cave temple and later it was redesigned by the Nayaks. The Rock Fort Temple is one of the rare temples in India to be cut out from rock mountain.

Tiruchirappalli has an airport which is ony 7 kms away from the city and is also connected to the other major cities by air rail and road. Hence there will be no difficulty in reaching this monument destination in Tamil Nadu

Valluvar Kottam :Vallavur Kottam is located on the corner of Kodambakkam High Road and Village Road and is near Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. The Valluvar Kottam in Tamil Nadu is a memorial to the famous poet and saint Tiruvalluvar. The shape of this monuments resembles a temple chariot. The auditorium at Valluvar Kottam which can accommodation 4000 people is said to the largest in Asia. All the 1330 verses of the poet's epic - the "Thirukkural", are inscribed on the granite pillars that surround this grand auditorium. The chariot structure contains a life-size image of the poet in it and the chariot is a replica of the temple car of Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu.

Aranthangi Fort : Aranthangi Fort is a ruined fort in Aranthangi town in Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu. The peculiarity of this fort is that the wall are not constructed of stones or bricks. The fort was built by filling large interstices with mud. Inside the fort, there are no ruins of palaces or any other buildings. The fort is believed to be built by 'Tondaimans', who were a lineage of feudal cheiftains, who had control over the Aranthangi region between 15th and 18 century. This fort is less known outside Tamil Nadu, but stands out for its unique features and also attracts a reasonable amount of tourists. The nearest railway station is at Pudukottai and Aranthangi is connected to the other places by road.

Thanjavur Palace :Thanjavur was the ancient capital of the famous rulers such as Tanjavur Nayaka and Marathas and is situated 55kms east of Trichy. Chola KingsThe Thanjavur Palace was partly built by the Nayaks in 1550 and partly by the Marathas. Tanjavur Palace is known for its huge walls, spacious corridors, observation towers and a shady courtyard. This majestic Palace comprises of a library, museum and an art gallery. The museums displays the royal items and beholdings such as cloths, hunting weapons, the head gears etc, of the Kings who ruled this place in the past. The museum also contains full Ramayana written of palm leaf. The art gallery displays a huge collections of articrafts of the Chola dynasty. The library comprises of a vast collection of manuscripts on palm leaves and paper. There is also the grand Durbar Hall which was used for public audiences. The nearest railway head it at Trichy, which is 60kms away. Thanjavur is well connected to the other cities by road.

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