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India is among one of the rare and unique countries in the world which stands for its ancient cultures and traditions, which range through a span of centuries. It is clearly evident from the remains of the ancient monuments and traces in the different parts of India. The Indian monuments are the livig examples which takes us back to thousands of years and helps in exploring the history of India. These monuments in India offers a great help to study and know more about the ancient civilizations of India. These monuments also attracts a large number of tourist from all over the world. The famous monuments of India can be classified into the monuments of South, North, West and East of India. The ancient Indian monuments have a rare and unique architecture, which tells about the story of ancient India. These monuments across India is considered to be the real treasure of India, which is being preserved with great importance. Among the Indian monuments, Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world.

India has lost many of its important and great historic monuments, due to the invasions of the foreign powers for a long period. The monuments in India mark the presence of some great forces and influences such as Mughal dynasty, Rajputana Empire and the Dravidian era. The monuments are built for the future generations to let the coming world know about their forefathers. The monuments in India are timeless wonders which inspire people to create something more beautiful and architecturally superb. There are many monuments in India which are built in the center of big lakes, himalayan valleys, large rivers, deserts, deep forest etc. Many of the Indian monuments were destroyed or partially destructed, either due to the fall of the ruling empire or due to some natural calamities.

The ancient monuments in India has also boosted the tourism scenario of India, as a lot of foreigners flood to India to have a glimpse of these historical monuments in India. The tourist are too much attracted with these ancient Indian monuments, which tells the story of ancient India. Some of these monuments in India are also pilgrimage centers for various religions. Some of the best examples for religious monuments in India include the ancient temples of South India, north india, east india and the temples of the western states of India. The style and architecture of these ancient and heritage monuments varies rapidly as we go from the north to the south of India. Some of the monuments of India are perfect mixture of Persian,European and Indian style and architecture.

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