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Monuments in Gujarat

Modhera Sun Temple : The Modhera Sun temple is one of the major and famous historic monument in Gujarat. The Sun Temple at Modhera in Gujarat, was constructed during the rule of the Solanki ruler, Bhimdev I. This historical monument is in ruins but still warrants a visit while on a trip to Gujarat. The Modhera Temple is an example of the excellent architectural skill and acumen of ancient Indian craftsmen. 12 images of the Sun God that have been sculpted in the Iranian style. This temple has been constructed in such a way that it faces the east and as a result Sun rays during equinoxes fall directly on the main seat of the temple deity.The Modhera temple temple complex is divided into three main sections, consisting of a Sabha Mandap, Prasad and a Kund. Modhera is situated 102 kms away from Ahmedabad, and the nearest airport is at Ahmedabad. The nearest railway station to Modhera is at Mehsana, which is 26 km away. But Mohera is well connected to the other cities by a good network of roads.

Modhera Sun Temple
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